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Year 13 Careers Tasks | Year 13 Personal Statements

The MoneyHub team have prepared a concise checklist for Year 13 students finishing school at the end of this year. It will be valuable to students all over New Zealand.


Our ultimate checklist for Year 13 students:

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Personal Statements:

Start writing your personal statements, which need to be approx.. 500 words. We are happy to help you with these, and proof read. You can email a draft to Mrs Hewitson: [email protected]

Passport Photos:

Have these taken now ready to go with your enrolment, and application forms.

Filling Out Application Forms:

Remember to photocopy/scan completed application forms BEFORE you send them in. These forms take a lot of time to complete, and sometimes they get lost. Remember to place applications that require references from your Dean or Principal in as early as possible.

Birth Certificate and/or Passport:

It is a good idea to photocopy these documents and have them verified either by a JP or at the District Court. We have a JP who comes into School, so if you bring your originals to the Careers Office we can do this for you.