Rotorua | New Zealand


Xue Gong, China

Friday, April 21st, 2017 in .

I had a good time with my teachers and friends and I spent a long school time in the Rotorua ,NZ. New Zealand is a very safe and beautify country and Rotorua is a tourist city with wonderful environment. I could pay attention to my study and stay healthy and safe and not affected by environment. I think Rotorua is a good place for study.     

My study is very relaxed at JPC because my teachers really help me a lot with my English and my subjects knowledge. I enjoyed lots of sports clubs in the school and these could enrich my spare time after school. I joined basketball and badminton club this year, I like playing sports with my friends. As for study, I enjoyed teaching method because I could do lots of something that interests me and learn more from these activities. Then, JPC has many opportunities to show own country culture such as JPC Day, International Food Festival and so on. We made dumplings ourselves and sold them last year and we made lots of money. We were really happy and very proud of my country. However, the most important that we let much people understand our own food culture.

    I learnt a lot at JPC, including my daily life, study at school and making friends. I could solve lots of question with my life and study by myself so I think this helped me to grow up. Most of JPC classes use group discussion this way.Then, I found out this way could improve learning efficiency and we always learnt something during games or other relaxed activities.This not only helped me to learn but also gave me interesting environment to study. I had more chance to conversation with local students and improved my English quickly. I have had a wonderful time at JPC.