Rotorua | New Zealand


Ayu Kawai, Japan

Wednesday, April 19th, 2017 in .


I’ve came for school program which my school prepare for students.we can choose one from Rotorua in New Zealand or Portland in USA.i choose Rotorua because I knew New Zealand are many nature, activity, safety and i wanted to go to foreign school.

Even though I can’t speak English well, a lot of friends talked and helped for me. So I’ve been enjoying New Zealand school life now. I’m really grateful for my friends.

I had my host family take me to the camping for ten days during the Christmas holiday. Almost NZ people spend to the camping during the Christmas and NewYear. I’ve never done it in Japan. It was a valuable experience. Then I tried to do wakeboarding for the first time. l love the activity and it was so much fun. Almost family has the boat.

If  you’ve played the Marine sports and snowboard,you should try it. Marine sports is very popular in New Zealand.

I’ve been staying here for one month. I’ve came for school program so I’m going to left half more year.I want to work airline industry In my future so I need English. I’m used to spend life here, but I was so hard that I can’t  tell my feeling when I came here at the time.