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Senior Spanish Camp

Monday, May 29th, 2023 in News.

Hola a todos,
I just wanted to say how extremely proud I am of my Senior Spanish students (11-13) who helped host the Camp (beginning with a beautiful Karakia Tumatanga, sharing Karakia mō te Kai) and participating so enthusiastically in every way.
The Spanish Immersion Camp took them all out of their comfort zone-where the real learning and growth takes place! With over 100 students from King’s College, Macleans College, Strathallan College, Sacred Heart, Hillcrest, Ötumōetai, and Iona College, we participated in creative and challenging workshops presented by Dra. Clara Jimeno-Gómez, the National Spanish Advisor from the Embassy in Wellington and 5 Teachers from Spain. We made new friends, played several Spanish games, made Tapas, danced Salsa, had a Lipsync competition, watched a Spanish Movie, had a Quiz competition and enjoyed the amazing Redwoods Tree Walk at night. The work in planning and hosting such an event takes months of preparation but it is all worth it when teachers, parents and especially students say:“Muchísimas gracias, Profe”. Enhorabuena a todos mis estudiantes. ¡Sois los mejores!
Lois Parker Hanks
HOD International Languages Department
Spanish Teacher