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Regarding Interim reports

Wednesday, March 27th, 2019 in News.

Interim reports will be issued by e-mail on Friday 29th March (tomorrow). This is a quick one page snapshot of how your son/daughter is progressing at school. It does not include reports on Year 7 and 8 option subjects as these will be reported on at the end of week 11 and week 3 of Term 2.

Parent Teacher Interviews will be held in the Edmund Rice Centre starting at 3.30pm going through to 6.00pm on Tuesday 2nd and Thursday 4th of April. Most teachers will be available for interviews on both nights. Interviews are restricted to 5 minute slots. Your son/daughter is encouraged to accompany you to the interview as well. If your son/daughter has a subject gap in their report then that may be due to lack of attendance in that subject which prevents the teacher making a valid comment.

Parents are asked to use the internet to book interviews using the following procedure:

Type in

Type in school event code: mr9pv

Follow steps 1, 2 3 to make a booking

Bookings can be made as from 3pm Friday 29th March

Please note that if you make a booking and are no longer able to attend please follow the Reschedule and/or Cancel a booking process as outlined on the School Interview website.

Peter Sinclair

DP Curriculum