Rotorua | New Zealand

Flashback (Reproduction), Janaya Korner


Artist: Janaya Korner

Title: Flashback

Reproduction of dry-point etching

Year 11 Printmaking

Price $60

Artist’s Statement

I chose to draw an image initially of a mailbox because my grandparents live ages away meaning I hardly get to see them. On their farm, they have a long driveway with an old mailbox which my Poppa walks down every day to get their dog to run the paper from the mailbox back to my nana. This mailbox in the image reminded me of the small things I will always remember about them. I inscribed the image onto Plexiplate using a scribing tool and an electric Dremel to explore mark-making

We will email you when your artwork is ready for collection (early in Term 4). Thank you.