Rotorua | New Zealand

Ma te Pono, Me te Aroha – Through Faith and love

School Motto

Our College motto is “Through Faith and Love”. This reflects our Lasallian philosophy which is built on the four pillars of Faith, Compassion, Prayer and Action.

Our Mission

To develop lifelong learners with a commitment to excellence, and a desire to contribute to society and the church’s mission.

Our Theme

Theme is Carpe Diem. Seize the day. Take up every opportunity presented to you.


  • To provide an understanding and appreciation of the Roman Catholic faith.
  • To practise and observe the traditions of the Roman Catholic Church as a College community
  • To understand, practise and observe the La Sallian charism and mission throughout the College
  • To develop students who are confident in their faith and embrace gospel values
  • To ensure students understand the ‘learning process’ and are independent thinkers
  • To develop students who are resilient, adaptable and optimistic
  • To ensure students are proficient in the use of new technology and that they develop strong communication skills