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Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC) is the name given to all events/activities that occur outside the classroom, both on and off the school site. This includes sport.

  • Our school believes in using a range of environments and experiences to enhance our student’s learning. We have ready access to the beaches, rivers, mountains, and the bush in our area and beyond.
  • We are also close to various built environments in our community. These areas are rich learning environments for our students both in and out of school. Our school values providing students with opportunities, and to enable these, they need to learn how to be safe.

Thus, some of the learning for students occurs beyond the school site and this document is seeking your consent for your children to participate in such learning. We require you to fill out the following forms  –

  • Blanket Consent for EOTC (low risk environments / day trips)
  • Student Health profile and medical consent
  • Parental Consent, Emergency Contacts and Risk Disclosure
  • Aquatic activity consent

The majority of EOTC trips within the school are to low risk environments, meaning the main advantage of this new system will be less duplication on low risk consent forms for every activity your son / daughter participates in at John Paul College.

All this information will be centralised on the school KAMAR system and means consents for low risk environments will be covered for the school year.

Any changes to your sons/daughters medical details during the year need e-mailed to

Blanket consent form |  Drivers and Passenger Permission form |

Parent / Volunteer INFORMATION | Police-Vetting-Form | Mini Van drivers form

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