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The Mission Of Lasallian Schools

The Mission of the LaSallian School is to form a Community where teachers and students can live their faith and become the persons that God wants them to be. The latest edition of One Lasalle, the newsletter of the NZ Lasallian Family, is available to read here.

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The School Community

We believe that the love of Christ binds us together as children of God, peoples of all races and conditions, rich or poor, bright or otherwise, for all are made in God’s Image and are members of His family. On this faith rests the mutual love and respect that is fostered between teacher and student in our schools.

We believe as lay colleagues to the De La Salle Brothers we give testimony to the Providence and Presence of God as we educate the young in the tradition of Saint John Baptist De La Salle, giving attention to all and especially to pupils whose development is hindered by economics, personal and other problems.

Mass is celebrated every Wednesday in term time at 8.15am in the McKillop Chapel.

Learning And Living The Faith

We believe that the learning of religious truth is fundamental to education in our schools.

We believe that religious development is not isolated from development of the mind and conscience, nor from development of the body. Logic and analysis, honesty and team-work in games, all provide a sound foundation for understanding religion and living by one’s beliefs.

We believe that we are called to teach what is true, just, good and beautiful, guided by our Catholic philosophy which finds harmony not contradiction in spirit and matter, in faith and reason.

Life-long Growth

We believe that, like parents, teachers labour to form the minds and characters of students and become transformed in the process, as teacher and student help each other grow as persons.

We believe that students must learn how to learn as they need to teach themselves after leaving school.


We believe that success in School means more than good examination results. It means learning how to live as well as how to make a living.

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Catholic Character – Mission

Our Mission Is Fulfilled When Our Students:

  • Come to the knowledge of God and faith in him,
  • Know clearly what they believe and why they believe,
  • Understand and accept themselves and others,
  • Develop their talents in service to society, to nation and to the world,
  • Think logically and critically and express themselves effectively,
  • Maintain physical fitness and mental health, avoiding excesses and abuses,
  • Possess social awareness and a sense of responsibility for the common good.

Pastoral Care

The framework of Pastoral care at John Paul College ensures that the College provides a safe emotional and effective environment for all students under the leadership of Mrs Ally Gibbons (Deputy Principal Student Management).

The first point of contact for all students is the classroom teacher or the student’s form teacher. Form teachers work closely with the Deans at each year level, the Guidance Counsellors, Campus Minister, School Nurse and Deputy Principal.

Pastoral Team

Student ManagementMrs Ally 8841
Guidance CounsellorMrs Nancy 8854
Guidance CounsellorMr Neil 8808
Careers CounsellorMrs Sheryl 8823
School NurseMrs Katrina Sanford ext 8806
Learning SupportMrs Belinda 8850
Year 13 DeanMrs Melanie 8858
Year 12 DeanMrs Sherry 8852
Year 11 DeanMrs Ally 8841
Year 10 DeanMr Terry 8861
Year 9 DeanMr Paul Johnson ext 8847
Year 8 DeanMs Georgia 8803
Year 7 Dean Mrs Brigit Nieuwboer ext 8849