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Gateway 2022 For Year 12 & 13 students interested in going out on work experience through the Gateway Programme, or finding out more about how it works, see Rachael in the Careers Hub at school. 

The Gateway programme is designed for students who display a clear direction toward a specific career path. Students gain work experience, workplace training, and unit standard achievements which are related to industry.

Each Gateway placement is a formal arrangement between a school, a student and an employer for a student to spend time learning in an employer’s workplace. Students who are chosen for the programme need to be committed to it. The opportunities on offer are enormous; coming onto the Gateway Programme allows each student to be mentored by an employer in their chosen work placement, whilst gaining both valuable experience and credits along the way. A Health & Safety programme worth approximately 15 credits is also available. Mindful of the increased importance employers and the government are placing on Health & Safety in the workplace, this two day course is highly regarded by all employers, whether for full-time or casual part-time work situations. Any student wishing to enter Nursing or Teaching is strongly advised to have some Gateway experience as the interviewing panel will ask questions about previous work in the field.

Each student is required to gain an average of 20 credits throughout their placement. Whenever possible unit standards will be designed around each individual student and their specific place of work, and will also contribute towards their NCEA achievements. Students are also required to achieve NCEA requirements within school. If students are to move onto apprenticeships, Institute of Technologies and university NCEA requirements need to be kept up to date. View some of our 2021 Gateway students.

As part of your enrolment onto the Gateway Programme it is recommended that students create a CV which will aide them with finding an employer placement out. Careers staff are available to proof read, so email it through once it is completed. Templates for CVs and Cover Letters can be found here.

Benefits for EmployersBenefits for Students
Enhance recruitment and selection poolReality check
Strengthening of links with local schoolApply and gain skills
Opportunity to contribute to the future base of their industryGain insights into working life
Building up skill base in industryHelp to set clear career and life goals
Opportunity to be involved in making


education more relevant to industry needs

Try out potential careers
Allows you to see if the student has the right attitude and skills to be employedProvides structured workplace learning that can lead to nationally recognised qualifications
Strengthening links with industry trainingHelps prepare for future employment and being more independent
 Makes school meaningful
 Builds links with workplaces and gives you the opportunity to prove yourself, and gain experience
 Develop soft skills, which are related to personal attributes, behaviours and attitude.

Please contact Rachael Hindrup on extn 8815, mobile 0204 160 9177 or email [email protected] for further information about the Gateway Programme, or if you are an employer who can offer a work experience placement to our students, especially in the Trade sector.

Are you aligned with a swim club, and keen to gain a qualification to teach swimming? This Gateway opportunity is available for 2020, see Rachael in the Careers Department to register.

Gateway programme: motivational and eye opening for student