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Our Careers Department staff:

Careers & Transition Coordinator Sheryl Hewitson –

Junior School Careers Advisor Sherry Brewer

Careers P.A / Trades Academy Jan Thompson

Gateway Rachael Hindrup


The Careers Department are excited to announce we opened our new Careers Hub early March 2020 with a dawn blessing, and are settled in and open for business as usual. We have much more space than before! You can find us in the Quad.

Year 13 Careers Tasks | Year 13 Personal Statements

At John Paul College we have a dedicated Career Education department and place great importance on each and every student having access to quality academic and career counselling, providing our students with Career Education, Gateway experiences and Trade Academy Programmes. Our well-resourced Careers Hub – Rapuara Poka Pū is now located in the School Quad. Our Careers Department begins to engage with students at Year 7 level. This is done in order to ensure an on-going relationship throughout students’ school years.

In the senior school we offer the following specialised programmes:

  • Gateway Programme
  • Bay of Plenty Trade Academy (for Years 11-13)
  • Star Courses which include Adventure Based Learning (ABL), Hospitality, Early Childhood Education, Tourism and Careers classes for seniors.

Students who intend to go on to University or other training including apprenticeships, are provided with support to complete their applications to study, and information and support for Halls of Residence and Scholarships.

We work closely with senior Deans and the Pastoral team to ensure students are fully prepared for future pathways when they leave school.

Throughout the year the Careers Department Team organise visits to Tertiary Open Days, Careers Days, Careers Expo, and off-site visits to various industry providers.

A large amount of Careers Information enters the school; this can be viewed in the Library, Common Room, Careers Department, Daily Notices, and in the weekly Newsletter. Students also have access to a closed Facebook group where careers news is shared. It is especially important for students to pay attention during Term 3 as accommodation, scholarships and enrolment information comes out.

Please visit the Careers Department if you are unsure, or require assistance.

For those students who are not sure where their interests or strengths lie, their newly developed Future Students Guide may be a useful tool. Plug in what subjects and careers interest you, add a few of your personal qualities, and they’ll help you discover career pathways and study options at the University of Auckland. To get started visit

Need help planning your studies? Use Auckland University’s Future Students Guide

Applications for UC student accommodation in 2021 are now open. Please encourage any interested students to complete their application as soon as possible and by 24 September.
The application for accommodation is completed online and comprises two steps:
The Common Confidential Reference Form is due by 15 September.
The online application form with non-refundable $100 processing fee is due 24 September.

Massey University Undergraduate Information Evening Recordings

Re-live or catch up with videos of the information evening held on 21 May 2020


If you’re studying in 2020, 16 December is a very important date. It’s one you just can’t miss.

Around 150,000 students will need to get organised for study in 2020. Apply for your student allowance or loan before 16 December to give yourself the best chance of having everything sorted and ready for the start of your course.

If you’ve had a student allowance or loan in the last 12 months, login to MyStudyLink and use the Returning Application to apply. It’ll take less than five minutes. 

 CV Builder tool | Job Interview tips Cover Letter template | Subscribe

Tools to get you into employment

From creating a CV to preparing for an interview—we’ve gathered a range of resources to support your job hunt. Find out how you can get job ready and improve your chances of employment.

A robot waters food crops in a greenhouse.
Facebook for job hunting

Facebook is a good platform to use for job hunting because it’s an easy way to scroll through jobs and connect with people in the work area you’re interested in.

Read more about using Facebook to job hunt and how it can help you find employment.

Find out more >

Hands typing on a keyboard
How to become a teacher

Considering a career change because the COVID-19 pandemic has affected your work? There are good job opportunities for teachers in New Zealand.

Learn how you could have a rewarding new career and help shape the lives of our tamariki and rangatahi.

Read more >

A man checks the cable wiring.
Wide range of jobs in the public sector

The public sector carries out important work that is essential to the day-to-day operations of New Zealand. The jobs are varied and include teachers, nurses and policy analysts.

Read more about the range of different roles in the public sector.

Learn more >

A woman checks her clipboard while assessing an apple tree.
Move from redundancy to being your own boss

If you’ve been made redundant due to COVID-19, you may be trying to figure out what to do next. Now could be the ideal time to take a new direction and consider self-employment.

Find out how to start a business and become your own boss.

Find out more >

Construction worker setting up a ladder.

Know your employment rights and obligations

Learn important information through the new employee rights learning module from Employment New Zealand – empower yourself and stand up for your employment rights!

GATEWAY 2020 For students looking at joining the Gateway Programme, please fill out this form, and return to the Careers Department. Alternatively the form is available from Careers.

We are available should Senior students want to come in to discuss their plans for next year or the future, please email or drop in to Careers first to book an appointment. 

The PORSE Nanny Intern Programme 
is available to young adults aged 17 to 25 who are interested in early childhood education, and to families willing to support their learning in a home environment.


Open Polytechnic has released a free course called Introduction to Infection Prevention.

Timely huh! It’s a free course for anyone – teachers, students, parents etc. This is especially useful for students considering a health career. Learn about viruses and how they work, and it’s more than just COVID19. 
The course can be found at


Seniors are invited to join the following groups 
JPC Year 11 Careers 2020
JPC Year 12 Careers 2020
JPC Year 13 Careers 2020

This is the main way our department communicates news, events and updates.
For students looking at joining the Gateway Programme, please fill out this form, and return to the Careers Department. Alternatively the form is available from Careers.
We are available should Senior students want to come in to discuss their plans for next year or the future, please email or drop in to Careers first to book an appointment.

Whakapiki Ake

The Whakapiki Ake Project engages with rangatahi Māori to promote health as a career. 
Year 12 & Year 13 Māori students, who have a career goal towards becoming a health professional, please register now with the Careers Department – as we have opportunities to share with you. 
More information on Whakapiki Ake can be found here

Researching for an Interview







Studylink helps students make informed choices about their student finance, how to apply for it and manage it online. Follow this link for help with what you need to do when you are starting study:

Students don’t need to have their NCEA results or have locked down all their study plans. Their application can be updated as things are confirmed. By applying early, students will allow enough time for all the steps in the application process to be completed before their course starts.


Student Money Tips – MoneyHub has also published a guide to better prepare students for life after school with a number of tips, tools and insights. For more details, visit the Student Money Tips page.

Scholarships – the ultimate free, easy-to-use and mobile-friendly list of scholarships for Year 13 students. Applications close throughout the year, with tens of millions of dollars available. MoneyHub has also published a list of tips for scholarship success.

The team at MoneyHub has guides and resources on their site, including
Student Loans – making the scheme’s benefits clear, all on one page 
How Credit Cards work – there are many pitfalls; their guide explains everything
Buying a Used Car – avoid the lemons and get in control of the process, and save a lot of money 

We want to make your Year 13 students aware that many high-value scholarships will close in late July and August. It’s now time to act – our Scholarship guide was updated this morning with the latest offerings, dates and guidance. We’ve listed hundreds of opportunities available to any Year 13 student planning to attend university in New Zealand in 2021. 


The scholarship page is free to use and always will be. Unlike GivMe, students can access the information at home and on their mobiles etc. We have published a number of tips for application success as well, designed to make the application process less stressful for your students.

If you have any questions, please let me know. We welcome any feedback on the page.

Lincoln University

has some great new online resources to share !

Short clips perfect for those moments when you want to know just a little bit more about a qualification, and subject selection advice to prepare for a particular degree, practical work, industry demand and possible job outcomes – straight from our Lincoln University academics.  

You can get one year of tertiary study or two years’ training up to the value of $12,000 fees-free:

  • The equivalent of one year’s full-time study fees-free at an institute of technology, polytechnic, private training establishment, university or wananga.
  • Up to 24 months of an apprenticeship or training fees-free with an employer or industry training organisation.

How to check if a student can get fees-free study
Students can go to and enter their National Student Number (NSN) to check. The majority of secondary school students should receive a ‘yes – you are eligible’ response. If a student receives a ‘we are not sure’ response, they may need to provide further information to TEC. The frees-free website will let them know what they need to do.

How does a student apply for fees-free?
Students don’t need to apply for fees-free. Once the student has enrolled, TEC will check the student’s details and if eligible, will pay the fees directly to the tertiary education provider or industry training organisation. They can pay up to a maximum of $12,000 including GST per year.

Does a student still need to apply to StudyLink?
If a student only needs their fees paid they won’t need to apply for a Student Loan unless their fees are over $12,000. If a student wants to apply for a Student Allowance or the living and course-related costs parts of a Student Loan they’ll still need to apply to StudyLink.

Year 13 students – sign up for information Go in the draw for 1 of 5 $50 book vouchers

There’s a sign up link on the StudyLink homepage.

For Student Allowances and/or Student Loans. Apply by mid December on
Create login and you can return, check and update your information.

Personal Statements:

Start writing your personal statements, which need to be approx.. 500 words. We are happy to help you with these, and proof read. You can email a draft to Mrs Hewitson:

Passport Photos:

Have these taken now ready to go with your enrolment, and application forms.

Filling Out Application Forms:

Remember to photocopy/scan completed application forms BEFORE you send them in. These forms take a lot of time to complete, and sometimes they get lost. Remember to place applications that require references from your Dean or Principal in as early as possible.

Birth Certificate and/or Passport:

It is a good idea to photocopy these documents and have them verified either by a JP or at the District Court. We have a JP who comes into School, so if you bring your originals to the Careers Office we can do this for you.