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Help build a bright future for John Paul College … now and forever!

Thank you for choosing to support the John Paul College Alumni Fund.  Your donation will help build a bright future for the College – now and forever.

John Paul College has established an Alumni Fund with the Geyser Community Foundation.  Donations made to the fund will be invested by Geyser and the capital retained forever.  Income earned on the capital will be made available to the College for charitable purposes every year once the fund reaches a minimum of $50,000.

The annual income could be used in a number of ways including for the benefit of students such as providing assistance to college students who are in need or suffering genuine temporary or long-term financial hardship.  Income could also be used to provide scholarships and prizes, improving the physical and natural environment of the College, or providing new courses and systems to better assist students become good and useful members of society.

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Giving back to the community – a new solution

The Geyser Community Foundation exists for the purpose of ensuring charitable gifts in the Rotorua and Taupo districts are managed as originally intended.  Funds placed with the Foundation are invested and the capital retained in perpetuity.  Every year the income earned on the capital is made available for charitable distribution.  This means that you keep giving forever and the total amount of the gift will, over time, far exceed the original capital donation.  This is a very powerful way for individuals, families or organisations to provide long term benefits to their local community.

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Thank you.

Your donation will help build a bright future for John Paul College – now and forever.