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Message from the Principal

Monday, March 23rd, 2020 in News.

Good morning

Further to other notices about Covid 19 I wish to advise that the following steps have been taken by the school.
1. Full school and Year level assemblies have been cancelled.
2. Non urgent visitors have been asked not to come to JPC.
3. Homework Club, all after school practices i.e sport, dance etc, are cancelled
3. More information on Covid 19 will be distributed to students and parents with an emphasis on how to keep safe.
4. The Board has established a Pandemic Committee made up of Trustees and Senior Leadership Team members who can meet on a 24/7 basis if needed. It will monitor and respond to new developments.

I am disappointed that a few people have been spreading rumours that students have been tested positive for Covid-19 at John Paul College. These types of rumours cause unnecessary anxiety and stress. If a student is tested positive for the virus, you will be advised immediately and appropriate measures taken as instructed by the Ministries of Education and Health.

Teachers will be working very closely with students over the next few days should we need to launch distance learning platforms. Please ensure your child is connected to the internet and has their device ready to go. If your child does not have a device please contact Mrs Stewart, to discuss.

If your child, or someone else in your household, has a compromised immunity or an underlying health issue, you may wish to actively consider not sending your child to school.
God bless
Patrick Walsh