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La Salle Grove is now taking shape.

Monday, August 3rd, 2020 in News.

Hello all,
La Salle Grove is now taking shape.

La Salle schools
John Paul College Rotorua
Francis Douglas New Plymouth
De La Salle College Auckland

Our schools now three hundred trees planted on Motukaraka Island. Three hundred trees to celebrate three hundred years since the death of John Baptiste De La Salle.

This is a wonderful legacy to leave behind.

Thank you Mr Cook the sign looks amazing.

It has been a lot more difficult than we thought to plant our three hundred trees to complete our 300 years celebration for La Salle.

We now have two hundred trees in the ground. Just 100 more to go.

Due to the drought last summer, Covid 19 and then the floods, it has been difficult.

This grove has needed a lot of patience.

We will not give up.

Thank you
Orla Walsh