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JPC Prime Ministers Education Excellence Awards

Tuesday, June 5th, 2018 in News.

John Paul College was in the finals for The Prime Ministers Award for the second year in a row. 2018 They were in the final three schools for The Focus Award. Showing Best Practice in providing inclusive education to all students.

The school provides a strong wrap around service to help all students succeed. The Need will not define us but it is what we do about the Need that will define us. John Paul College in Rotorua under The leadership of Mrs Paulene Walsh and Mrs Erika Lock RTLB created the first Community of Learning register. This register shows the Needs of our school and The Faith Based Col which is made up of two secondary schools and five primary schools.

The work at John Paul College and the creation of a COL register has been stated as Trailblazing work. The Needs shown in the Register are providing the bases of the Professional Development that is been offered. The Rotorua Community is coming together to provide a financial contribution to PD. These enables all the community to attend this PD for only a gold coin. JPC is very grateful for this support.

It takes a “Village to Educate a Child.”. Everyone needs to be on the same page together. All teachers, all students,  whanau, and the community working together.

John Paul College is proud to be a leader in this area.