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JOHN PAUL COLLEGE  is a co-educational, state integrated Catholic and la Sallian School. What does this mean?


Co-educational means both boys and girls are enrolled at our school.

A State-Integrated School means some of the responsibilities of running the school are carried out by the New Zealand Government and some by the Catholic Church. Some would regard it as a semi-private school.

The school upholds the Catholic values and traditions which are practiced here.

Even though most internationals are from other faiths and backgrounds they are welcomed as fully fledged students of the school.

It is not compulsory for international students to attend religious education classes, but they are expected to respect the beliefs and practices of the school community.

Being one of the only LaSallian Catholic schools in New Zealand, JPC is also part of the broader network of La Sallian educational institutions spread throughout the world. These links further stengthen the global perspective of all students attending our school. More information about the Lasallian educational movement can be accessed on


Important Parental Permission and Information Forms to be completed before arrival.  They include:


  • JPC Intranet and eLearning Resources Acceptable Use Agreement For Students
  • EOTC Permission Form
  • JPC Generic Health Form
  • Student Profile Form


Intranet and eLearning Resources Acceptable Use Agreement For Students:  John Paul College’s Intranet and eLearning Resources (e.g. Internet, digital and video cameras and computers) are available to students. However, before being granted access to JPC’s Intranet and eLearning Resources, all students must have the permission of their parent/caregiver. Both they and you must sign below as evidence of your approval and their acceptance of the rules of access. Please read the requirements and discuss them with your child, then complete the permission section.


EOTC Permission Slips :   JPC students need parental permission for their child to partake in educational activities outside the classroom. (EOTC Form) Please ensure the form is completed, signed and returned before arrival.


JPC Generic Health Form : During the year it is necessary for teachers to take students out of the school for a curriculum or co-curriculum trip e.g. visit to the public library, waterpolo game, etc. Each teacher who is taking a trip will inform the parent of the trip by letter. It will be the student’s responsibility to forward that letter to parents. Click here for the form giving parental consent for these ‘day only’ trips. The form also contains a Health Profile which we ask you to complete. The information will be kept on file in the office for staff use only.


Student Profile Form : To ensure the most suitable match between you and your homestay family, JPC needs to understand who you are, what are your interests- all the things that would make you happy while living with a New Zealand family. For us to know these things please complete our Student Profile and return as soon as possible. No homestay placement will be made before we receive this information.

Once a match is made you will receive a comprehensive Homestay Profile which will give you a lot of information about the family you will be living with.