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International Staff

Mr Stephen Bloomfield is the International Dean

Mrs Noeline Lewis is the English Language (EL) Head of Department

Mrs Bronwyn Mora is the International Administrator

Mrs Jo de Loryn is the International Homestay Co-ordinator

The International Dean & Director (Mr Stephen Bloomfield) helps you choose your subjects and deals with your school based issues such as attendance and coping in the classroom. He can also offer you guidance in your academic progress. He is always available to meet with you to discuss any issues which might concern you. He is responsible for ensuring good outcomes for all aspects of the the International Programme.

The International Homestay Coordinator (Mrs Jo de Loryn) arranges your homestay family and will visit you at least twice a year in your home to ensure you are comfortable and happy. Speak to her should there be any concerns relating to your homestay. She also arranges shuttles, does insurance and can also link you up with NZ Tours.

The International Administrator (Bronwyn Mora) is on hand for your administrative needs – including your enrolment documentation and visas. Do send her your pictures to share on our social media channels

The English Language (EL) Head of Department, Noeline Lewis is overall responsible for ensuring English Language provision. Most likely she will be teaching you English and is always available to give advice on improving your English competence.

The International Centre is situated in the main Campus and is open everyday during school hours. The International Team as well as the English Language classes operate from that base.

Senior Management Team

The Principal and his Senior Management Team provide the overall leadership for the school including the International Programme. They include:

Mr Patrick Walsh    –  Principal

Mr Peter Sinclair   –  Deputy Principal (Curriculum)

Mrs Ally Gibbons     –  Deputy Principal (Student Management)

Mrs Maree Stewart- Deputy Principal  ( Human Resources )

Finance Department

To help ease your financial management of running your personal school expenses, our Accounts Department provides a personal school banking service. Parents can deposit any amount they wish to operate this service. At any time they can request a statement reflecting school expenses and any money remaining at the end of the student’s study period is fully refundable. The staff in the School Accounts Office are there to assist you.


Medical support

Confidential medical advice and support can be arranged through the services of the School Nurse Mrs Cathy Flavell. Visits to the doctor can also be arranged through these school services, the home-stay parent, the International Director or the Home-stay Coordinator.  Payment for these services must be made at the time of these appointments and then the medical claims can be organised afterwards. It also includes dental services.

Personal Counselling

International students require confidential and more personal counselling then  appointments can be made to meet with our two well qualified and professional School Counsellors, Mrs Nancy Mc Millan and Mr Neil Carter.

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Career Counselling

For those needing guidance in seeking pathways into tertiary study or the work area, – please make an appointment to see Mrs Sheryl Hewittson or Mrs Jan Goudie

The Deans

Each Year Level has a Dean who oversees issues pertaining specifically to each level. They lead regular levels assemblies and organize related activities and camps.

Form Class

The School’s Form Class system ensures that every day, the international student meets together with their 15- 25 class peers for pastoral and administrative purposes. An International Form Class is also held once a week on Friday mornings to discuss International issues.

Homework Centre

We have a Homework Centre operating twice a week, – every Monday and Wednesday. Here you can be tutored in a chosen subject by a senior ‘buddy’ – free of charge!



National Certificate in Education Assessment (NCEA)

The Senior Students at John Paul College (Years 11,12 and 13) are assessed through NCEA.

To understand how it works please click onto

Quality Assurance

New Zealand maintains its high educational rankings through strict monitoring and stringent quality assurance systems. The government agencies and organizations who are responsible for carrying out this important task include:

  • The Ministry of Education, which develops education goals and curriculum for primary and secondary schools
  • the Education Review Office, which checks the quality of education and student support in primary and secondary schools

To find out more information regarding  these agencies, please click on:


At John Paul College you can choose from a wide range of interesting subjects. While there are some compulsory subjects such as Mathematics and Science, you can try something new such as Adventure Based Learning, Fabric Technology or Metal Technology.

Read the JPC Curriculum Overview to broadly understand the academic pathways which are available within the school

For more detailed information of each course, read the JPC Subject Information Booket

2022 JPC Subject Information Booklet


English Language (EL) tuition is guaranteed through timetabled EL classes taught by  TESOL qualified teachers. We currently offer four different classes –

English for Academic Purposes (EAP), Senior English Language (NCEA ), Senior English Language (Foundation) & Junior English Language.

On arrival you will be tested through the Oxford English Placement Test. This will give the best idea to determine which classes you will be best suited to join. When you leave you will be tested again to show your progress during your stay at JPC.

In addition, extra tutoring and small group support is available through two experienced JPC Tutors. (This service is essential for those at the elementary level.

A close relationship has been established with the local Rotorua English Language Academy (RELA). Should a student be at a Beginner level then it is best for the student to enrol for a few months with RELA’s Intensive English Course before joining JPC.

Should the student’s English be at a highly proficient level, then Mainstream English will be a more suitable option.

Please refer to the JPC Subject Option Booklet to find out more detailed information regarding the various courses.


JPC offers an award winning outdoor education program, this can be taken as a subject years 12 & 13. For more information click on the outdoor education brochure


For Senior Students (Years 11,12 and 13) not writing NCEA exams, we offer an exciting November Programme with adventure, cultural & sightseeing activities around Rotorua. Fun English, Science Cooking and Art classes are also provided,

Those students who do finish writing early or who feel they can afford to have a break from their studies can also join the Programme for set activities at a subsidised rate and at International Director’s discretion.