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JPC permits the student to live in three different types of accommodation:

  • Living with a homestay family
  • Living with a designated caregiver
  • Living with your parent


Most JPC international students live with homestay families who are police-vetted and approved by the school.   This ensures that the home you will be living in is safe, comfortable and welcoming of international students;

A Student Homestay Booklet will be issued to you and this will contain all the information related to your accommodation that you will need to know. Of special importance is that:

  • Sleeping overnight with friends is ONLY acceptable if the homestay family has given permission.
  • International students must phone their homestay family if they are going to be late home.
  • Permission from the homestay family and the Director of International must be granted if the student intends to leave the immediate vicinity of Rotorua and the appropriate form must be filled out and handed in to school at least 7 days before the date of intended travel.

Your happiness and well-being in the homestay family is critically important and the school ensures a high level of service in this regard. Mrs Jo de Loryn is our Homestay Co-ordinator and she is always available to make sure you are comfortable in your home.

(Homestay Booklet)

Designated Care Giver (DCG)

The students parents can designate a member of the family or a close friend to care for their child while they’re in New Zealand. Safety and vetting procedures apply. If interested click on DSE form to complete and return to the homestay co-ordinator.


Staying with your parent allows the parent to apply for a guardian visa. If any help needed to find accommodation please talk to the homestay co-ordinator.

Do you want to become a homestay?

We pride ourselves on the quality of our homestay families, and always welcome new additions to our homestay database. All families are Code complaint police vetted and home checks completed.

Students will be able to select some preferences to help us better match them with a family, such as wanting to living with young children, pets, location, etc.

If you are interested in hosting for us contact:

Jo de Loryn
International Homestay Co-ordinator

Further Homestay Information

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