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Enrolment Information

Please read the preference criteria below carefully before filling in an enrolment form below.

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Preference Criteria

  1. Preference status – Those who are baptized Catholic need to prove their baptism eg baptismal certificate, either for the child or parent. If baptised at St Mary’s or St Michael’s, the date needs to be provided. If baptised in another area, the certificate needs to be sighted (by emailing the scanned copy to the Parish).
  2. Applicants will be contacted to arrange an interview time if the Enrolment Scheme criteria is met and a space is available in the year level which is being applied for.
  • 5.1 The child has been baptised or is being prepared for baptism in the Catholic Church.
  • 5.2 The child’s parents/guardians have already allowed one or more of its siblings to be baptised in the Catholic faith.
  • 5.3 At least one parent/guardian is a Catholic, and although their child has not yet been baptised, the child’s participation in the life of the school could lead to the parents having the child baptised.
  • 5.4 With the agreement of the child’s parent/guardian, a significant familial adult such as a grandparent, aunt or uncle who is actively involved in the child’s upbringing undertakes to support the child’s formation in the faith and practices of the Catholic Church
  • 5.5 One or both of a child’s non-Catholic parents/guardians is preparing to become a Catholic

If you have no Catholic family connection, I strongly encourage families to consider enquiring about and attending the Baptismal Programme at the St Mary’s Church on Seddon Street, well in advance of making application to JPC. Enrolling in the Baptismal Programme is for people with a genuine interest in becoming Catholic not simply as a “ticket” to get into JPC. Once baptised the college will nurture their Faith and journey as a Catholic.

A very limited amount of non-preference status students may be on the school roll at any time. These places only become available if there are insufficient preference applicants in that particular year level. Parents are able to place their child’s name on a waiting list. Children will be offered placement as vacancies occur in accordance with the following guidelines; siblings of existing non-preference students living within the agreed catchment area children of staff members students living outside the schools agreed catchment area. The school’s roll will be managed within the maximum roll prescribed in the school’s Integration Agreement. The number of places available for non-preference students will be governed by the maximum number allowable under the school’s Integration Agreement. The Integration Agreement for John Paul College gives preference of enrolment to students whose parents have established a particular or general religious connection with the Special Catholic Character of the College.

Curriculum for Years 7 – 10

Years 7 and 8Year 9Year 10
Religious EducationReligious EducationReligious Education
English or ESOLEnglish or ESOLEnglish or ESOL
Te Reo MaoriTe Reo MaoriTe Reo Maori
Social StudiesSocial StudiesSocial Studies
Business StudiesBusiness Studies
MusicPerformance MusicPerformance Music
Health & PEHealth & PE

Curriculum for Years 11 – 13

Year 11 (NCEA Level 1)Year 12 (NCEA Level 2)Year 13 (NCEA Level 3)
Religious EducationReligious EducationReligious Education
English or ESOLEnglish or ESOLEnglish or ESOL
Te Reo MaoriTe Reo MaoriTe Reo Maori
MathematicsMathematics AMathematics with Statistics
Foundation MathematicsMathematics BMathematics with Calculus
Foundation MathsFoundation MathsFoundation Maths
Social StudiesSocial StudiesSocial Studies
Young EnterpriseYoung Enterprise
Legal Studies
Food TechnologyFood TechnologyFood Technology
Hard MaterialsHard MaterialsHard Materials
Fabric TechnologyFabric TechnologyFabric Technology
Computer StudiesComputer Studies
Graphic DesignGraphic Design
Performance MusicPerformance MusicPerformance Music
Health & PEPhysical EducationPhysical Education
Physical EducationAdventure Based LearningAdventure Based Learning

John Paul College Costs 2023

General Activity Contribution

Parents are asked to pay a General Activity Contribution of:

$500.00Year 7-8 per student
$620.00Year 9-11 per student
$820.00Year 12-13 per student
  • These contributions may be claimed in your personal tax return.
  • There is a 10% discount if the full fee is paid by the end of March.
  • Payment can be made by cheque, cash, eftpos or credit card. Or, if automatic payments have been set up by the end of March, and full payment of contribution fees completed by the end of October, the 10% discount will apply. For an automatic payment form, click here.
  • There is also a family rebate of $100.00 for the third and any additional child in the same family.
  • Contribution fees cover curriculum expenses, day trips, etc. Year level Camps will be charged separately.

Catholic Diocese Fees

An invoice is sent: from the Bishop’s office in Hamilton, and is payable direct to the Diocese by post, by phone with credit card or by direct contact to set up an automatic payment. The current charges are as follows:

Years 7 & 8$466.00 per year per student
Years 9-13$932.00 per year per student

In addition, there is a Catholic Character Contribution of $45.00 per child with a maximum of $135 payable, irrespective of the number of children attending. These fees are set by the Catholic Diocese and are subject to change.

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