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  1. Fully complete, sign and return:
    • John Paul College Application for Enrolment form.
    • Catholic Integrated Schools Enrolment Contract.
    • Intranet and E-Learning Rules of Access
    • Generic Health and Permission Form
  2. The following must be attached:
    • Copy of Birth Certificate (a requirement set down by the Ministry of Education)
    • lf not a New Zealand resident, passport and documentation must be attached
    • Copy of most recent school report (or portfolio at time of interview)
    • Preference Card – refer to Enrolment Scheme Criteria for clarification
  3. Applicants will be contacted to arrange an interview time if the Enrolment Scheme criteria is met and a space is available in the year level which is being applied for.
Placement Testing for those students who have been accepted for 2020 Years 7 and 9 will take place on Saturday November 2nd at the McKillop Campus, Kahu Street, between 9.00am and 11.00am NB: there is no placement testing for any other year levels.
  • Orientation Dates: Monday November 18th from 12.00-2.30pm for St Mary’s Rotorua and Westbrook Primary. Thursday November 21st from 12.00-2.30pm for St Michael’s Primary School and all other State primary schools Orientation for other year levels will be held the day prior to school commencing in 2020 and information will be forthcoming
  • The school’s roll will be managed within the maximum roll prescribed in the school’s Integration Agreement. The number of places available for non-preference students will be governed by the maximum number allowable under the school’s Integration Agreement. The Integration Agreement for John Paul College gives preference of enrolment to students whose parents have established a particular or general religious connection with the Special Catholic Character of the College. The New Zealand Catholic Bishops Conference has determined the criteria for preference of enrolment in Integrated Catholic Schools. Download Enrolment Scheme Guide

    Curriculum for Years 7 – 10

    Years 7 and 8 Year 9 Year 10
    Religious Education Religious Education Religious Education
    English or ESOL English or ESOL English or ESOL
    Te Reo Maori Te Reo Maori Te Reo Maori
    French French French
    Spanish Spanish Spanish
    Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics
    Science Science Science
    Social Studies Social Studies Social Studies
    Business Studies Business Studies
    Technology Technology Technology
    Graphics Graphics
    Art Art Art
    Drama Drama Drama
    Music Performance Music Performance Music
    Dance Dance
    Health & PE Health & PE

    Curriculum for Years 11 – 13

    Year 11 (NCEA Level 1) Year 12 (NCEA Level 2) Year 13 (NCEA Level 3)
    Religious Education Religious Education Religious Education
    English or ESOL English or ESOL English or ESOL
    Te Reo Maori Te Reo Maori Te Reo Maori
    French French French
    Mathematics Mathematics A Mathematics with Statistics
    Foundation Mathematics Mathematics B Mathematics with Calculus
    Foundation Maths Foundation Maths Foundation Maths
    Science Science Science
    ASC/ESC/USC Biology Biology
    Chemistry Chemistry
    Physics Physics
    Social Studies Social Studies Social Studies
    Geography Geography Geography
    History History History
    Economics Economics Economics
    Young Enterprise Young Enterprise
    Legal Studies
    Food Technology Food Technology Food Technology
    Hard Materials Hard Materials Hard Materials
    Fabric Technology Fabric Technology Fabric Technology
    Computer Studies Computer Studies
    Graphic Design Graphic Design
    Art Painting Painting
    Photography Photography
    Drama Drama Drama
    Performance Music Performance Music Performance Music
    Dance Dance Dance
    Health & PE Physical Education Physical Education
    Physical Education Adventure Based Learning Adventure Based Learning
    Open Night is Thursday May 23rd

    If you are interested in enrolling a student at John Paul College we would encourage you to collect the enrolment pack from the main reception or download the enrolment forms and diocesan form, complete them and send them into the College with a copy of the child’s birth certificate, any visa documentation (as applicable) and a preference card (as applicable) obtainable from your Priest.

    Intranet and eLearning Resources Acceptable Use Agreement For Students
    John Paul College’s Intranet and eLearning Resources (e.g. Internet, digital and video cameras and computers) are available to students. However, before being granted access to JPC’s Intranet and eLearning Resources, all students must have the permission of their parent/caregiver. Both they and you must sign below as evidence of your approval and their acceptance of the rules of access. Please read the requirements and discuss them with your child, then complete the permission section.
    Download Intranet and eLearning Rules of Access
    Education Outside the Classroom Blanket Consent Form

    John Paul College Costs 2019

    General Activity Contribution

    Parents are asked to pay a General Activity Contribution of:
    $500.00 Year 7-8 per student
    $620.00 Year 9-11 per student
    $820.00 Year 12-13 per student
    • These contributions may be claimed in your personal tax return.
    • There is a 10% discount if the full fee is paid by the end of March.
    • Payment can be made by cheque, cash, eftpos or credit card. Or, if automatic payments have been set up by the end of March, and full payment of contribution fees completed by the end of October, the 10% discount will apply. For an automatic payment form, click here.
    • There is also a family rebate of $100.00 for the third and any additional child in the same family.
    • Contribution fees cover curriculum expenses, day trips, etc. Year level Camps will be charged separately.

    Catholic Diocese Fees

    An invoice is sent: from the Bishop’s office in Hamilton, and is payable direct to the Diocese by post, by phone with credit card or by direct contact to set up an automatic payment. The current charges are as follows:
    Years 7 & 8 $436.00 per year per student
    Years 9-13 $872.00 per year per student
    In addition, there is a Catholic Character Contribution of $45.00 per child with a maximum of $135 payable, irrespective of the number of children attending. These fees are set by the Catholic Diocese and are subject to change.

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