Rotorua | New Zealand

School’s Contact Details

Physical Address:

Whitworth Road, Utuhina, Rotorua, New Zealand 3015

Postal Address:

PO Box 5040, Rotorua, New Zealand 3044

Telephone: 64 7 347 8795

Email: [email protected]

Principal and Deputy Principal Contact Details

Dial 07 347 8795 followed by the deputy principal’s extension number from the list below, however emailing is advised as an initial contact:

PrincipalJustin Harper[email protected]HJext 8839
DP Pastoral CareAlly Gibbons[email protected]GAext 8841
DP CurriculumPeter Sinclair[email protected]SPext 8843
DP Human ResourcesMaree Stewart[email protected]SText 8886
DP InternationalStephen Bloomfield[email protected]BDext 8855

Deans’ Contact Details

Dial 07 347 8795 followed by the dean’s extension number from the list below, however emailing is advised as an initial contact:

Year 13 DeanMrs Melanie Lane[email protected]LMext 8820
Year 12 DeanMrs Sherry Brewer[email protected]BEext 8852
Year 11 DeanMrs Georgia Jackson[email protected]JGext 8848
Year 10 DeanMr Terry Hughes[email protected]HText 8861
Year 9 DeanMr Paul Johnson [email protected] PJext 8847
Year 8 Dean Ms Sarah Collins[email protected]CSext 8803
Year 7 DeanMrs Brigit Nieuwboer[email protected]NRext 8849

Leaders of Teaching & Learning Contact Details

Dial 07 347 8795 followed by the head of faculty’s extension number from the list below, however emailing is advised as an initial contact:

ArtsMatt Czyrek[email protected]CMext 8824
HumanitiesSimon Baker[email protected]BSext 8812
LanguagesAshley Welman[email protected]AWext 8805
Learning SupportBerlinda Herbert[email protected]HBext 8850
MaoriMercia Tawera-Thomas [email protected] TMext 8851
MathematicsLara Cordonni[email protected]CLext 8814
Physical EducationBarb Northey[email protected]NBext 8836
Religious EducationKaren Bloomfield[email protected]BFext 8844
ScienceConny Ludascher[email protected]LCext 8833
TechnologyPhil Jones[email protected]JNext 8835
CareersSheryl Hewitson[email protected]HSext 8823

IT Department & School Website Enquiries

IT ManagerCory Browne[email protected]ext 8822
Website AdministratorRobert Bartle[email protected] ext 8821


Principals P.ALiz Lock[email protected]ext 8839
Main ReceptionSue Rowles[email protected]ext 8800
Student Reception/AbsenteesCathy Flavell[email protected]ext 8828
Finance OfficerJulie Boyce[email protected]ext 8859
Accounts PayableCherie Bennett[email protected]ext 8829
UniformsLeanne Helen[email protected]ext 8856
School FeesBronwyn Mora[email protected]ext 8873
HomestayJo De Loryn[email protected]ext 8863

Careers & Gateway

Careers AdvisorSheryl Hewitson[email protected]ext 8823
Careers/Trade AcademyJan Thompson[email protected]ext 8823
GatewayRachael Hindrup[email protected]ext 8815

Te Korowai Maioha – Student Wellbeing Centre

Nancy Macmillan[email protected]ext 8854
Neil Carter[email protected]ext 8808
Kat Sanford[email protected]ext 8806
Henry Worsp[email protected]

Learning Support

Belinda Herbert[email protected]ext 8850
Nicola Harper[email protected]ext 8850
Teacher Aidesext 8862

PTA Chairperson

Lizzy GastonEmail


Staff Contact Details

Email the staff member by first name.last [email protected], or

Dial 07 347 8795 followed by the staff member’s extension number from the list below, however emailing is advised as an initial contact:

Last NameFirst NameCodeExtensionEmail
AISLABIEVeronicaAV[email protected]
ARTSMonique – Science TechnicianAM8813[email protected]
BAKERFrank – Sports CoordinatorRF8801[email protected]
BAKERSimonBS8812[email protected]
BAKERTeganTB[email protected]
BARTLERobert – Library / IT AssistantRB8821[email protected]
BECKHAMLochy8840[email protected]
BELLTimBT[email protected]
BENNETTCherie – Accounts PayableCB8829[email protected]
BENNETTLouiseBL8862[email protected]
BILLINGPaulBP[email protected]
BITEMarisolMB[email protected]
BLOOMFIELDKarenBF8844[email protected]
BLOOMFIELDStephenBD8820[email protected]
BOTHAMartinBM[email protected]
BOYCEJulie –
Finance Officer
BJ8859[email protected]
BREWERSherryBE8852[email protected]
BROWNECoryBC8822[email protected]
BURTAlena-RoseBA[email protected]
CARTERNeil – CounsellorCN8808[email protected]
CHAPMANMarkCP8858[email protected]
CLAPPERTONTalitaCT[email protected]
CLARKEWhareMC[email protected]
COCKINGCraigCC[email protected]
COLLINSSarahCS8803[email protected]
COOKGillianCG[email protected]
COOPEREmmaCE[email protected]
CORDONNILaraCL8814[email protected]
CORNAaronCA[email protected]
CZYREKMattCM8824[email protected]
DAVISBrendanDB8838[email protected]
DE LORYNJo – HomestayDJ8863[email protected]
EDWARDSBryonyEB[email protected]
Student Counter  / Absentees
FC8828[email protected]
FRASERNickyNF[email protected]
FREDRICKSENBernadetteFB8867[email protected]
GIBBONSAllyGA8841[email protected]
GROOTDavidGD[email protected]
Gym Office8836
Hard Tech Office8835
Soft Tech Office8838
HANDLEYSharonSH[email protected]
HARPERJustinHJ8839[email protected]
HARPERNicolaHN8850[email protected]
HELENLeanne8856[email protected]
HEPIJosephJH[email protected]
HERBERTBelindaHB8850[email protected]
HEWITSONSherylHS8823[email protected]
HERBERTBelindaHB8850[email protected]
HILLRodHR[email protected]
HINDRUPRachael – GatewayRH8815[email protected]
HOUNSELLTimTH[email protected]
HOWESCassandraHC[email protected]
HUGHESTerryHT8861[email protected]
ISAACSJeffIJ[email protected]
JACKSONGeorgiaJG8848[email protected]
JAMESMichelleJM[email protected]
JOEDanielJD[email protected]
JOHNSONPaulPJ8847[email protected]
JohnstoneDeniseJT[email protected]
JONESPhillipJN[email protected]
LANEMelanieLM8820[email protected]
Languages Office8805
Learning Support Centre8850
LEPPERDeb – NCEA & DPs P.Adeb8845[email protected]
LEWISNoelineLN[email protected]
LOCKLiz  – Principal’s P.ALL8839[email protected]
LOCKEVanessaLV[email protected]
LUDASCHERConnyLC8833[email protected]
MACMILLANNancy – CounsellorMN8854[email protected]
MATHEWSAnitaMW[email protected]
McWILLIAMSSeanMS[email protected]
MILLIGANGrantMG[email protected]
MILLIKENOlgaMO[email protected]
MORABronwyn –
School Fees
BW8873[email protected]
NELSONSusanNS[email protected]
NIEUWBOERBrigitNR8849[email protected]
NORTHEYBarbNB8836[email protected]
PARKER HANKSLoisPL[email protected]
PARNELLGaelynPG[email protected]
PETERSJohnPJ[email protected]
PINGOLReneePR[email protected]
PRESLEYMarkPM[email protected]
PRESLEYLynneLPR[email protected]
REARDONLynneRL[email protected]
RABEENDRANNishanthanRN[email protected]
ROWLESSue – Public Reception/EnrolmentsSUE8800[email protected]
SANFORDKatrina – NurseKAT8806[email protected]
SATHERLEYMattSM[email protected]
SCHWARTFEGERJohnSJ[email protected]
SINCLAIRPeterSP8843[email protected]
STEVENSONCandiceSC[email protected]
STEVENSONJulieSJ8837[email protected]
STEWARTMareeST8886[email protected]
STOKESMargaretSK[email protected]
SYMESCraigSY[email protected]
TAWERA-THOMASMerciaTM8851[email protected]
THOMPSONJanJAN8823[email protected]
THURSTONGabrielleTG8832[email protected]
TIMMSNatashaTN8830[email protected]
TODDSherylTS[email protected]
TUTAKADenisTD[email protected]
TUTTYNathanTN[email protected]
UNIFORM SHOP8856[email protected]
VAUTIERTimVT[email protected]
WANGAnnWA[email protected]
WARDRebeccaWR[email protected]
WELLMANHeidiAW8805[email protected]
WELMANHeidi AshleyWH[email protected]
WHALLEYChrisCW[email protected]
WORRALClaireWL[email protected]
WORSPHenryHW[email protected]