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Monday, February 20th, 2023 in News.

The 2022 Scholarship results for John Paul College were outstanding with 21 Scholarships gained. This is the best
result ever for the number of scholarships achieved. In all 22 (20 in 2021) different scholarship standards were
entered for by 51 (50 in 2021) students. Fifteen candidates achieved 21 scholarships. One candidate was in Year 12
scoring a scholarship in Drama. Of note this year is the achievement, for the first time, are scholarships, in
Economics, Music and Printmaking. The Arts faculty achieved the most scholarships for the second year in a row –
seven (2 Drama, 1 Design 1 Music 1 Painting 1 Photography and 1 Printmaking). Of also note the number of
Statistics scholarships (6) and Biology (3). RESULTS:
Alyana Chan SCHL – Statistics
Veronica Chen SCHL – Music SCHL – Statistics
Rebecca Collins SCHL – Biology SCHL – Statistics
Alexa Dunningham SCHL – Statistics
Seiya Ichiishi SCHL – Economics
Felice Jiang SCHL – Religious Studies
Soo Jung Jin SCHL – English SCHL – Painting
Anahera Mear SCHL – Drama
Zara O’Neill SCHL – Printmaking
Mary Ortega SCHL – Design
Leo Schweizer SCHL – Biology SCHL – Statistics
Tate Tisdall SCHL – Drama
April Vanner SCHL – Photography
Jaenelle Whittaker SCHL – Biology SCHL – Classical Studies
Ivan Zaw SCHL – Statistics