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Our mission statement:

To touch the hearts of young people is the greatest miracle we can perform.

The Learning Support Centre operates in rooms C17 and C18. It is a busy centre which supports students with a variety of needs. In 2018 The Learning Support Team will support over 200 students.

In 2016 JPC becomes part of a Community of Schools which is Faith based. The project leader is our Principal Mr Patrick Walsh. We look forward to working and sharing ideas with a community of seven primary schools and two secondary schools from The Hamilton Diocese.

JPC PrimeMinisters Education Excellence Awards

The team comprises of:

Mrs Paulene Walsh
Mrs Marie Hepi
(Assistant Senco and Year 7 Dean)


Together Mrs Walsh and Mrs Hepi:

  • Are the point of contact for parents, caregivers and outside agencies.
  • Coordinate National Standards testing with Judith Smallbone and carry our Entrance testing of new students coming to John Paul College
  • Assist Teachers to identify students with special needs and help implement programmes to suit these students. Coordinate special learning programmes, i.e. Successmaker, Accelerated Reader and Reading Comprehension programmes. These programmes are tailor-made to the students.
  • Assist Deputy Principal with applications for Reader Writer assistance and coordinate Reader Writer assistance for students who have been identified with specific needs.
  • Compile and update a Special Needs Register.
  • Operate School’s Policies for students with special needs – Behaviour and Academic.
  • Coordinate and manage special needs staff.
  • Contribute to Professional Development of Staff and teacher aides. Support Teacher Aides and teachers with their roles.
  • Support and work alongside Resource Teachers of Learning and Behaviour (RTLB). Liaise with all outside agencies when necessary to support students and parents.
  • Report to the Board of Trustees on a regular basis.
  • Coordinate the testing of National Standards in year 7 and 8.
  • Make funding applications to RTLB central cluster for year 11-13 funding for special projects i.e. Academic Mentoring.

Paulene became the Within School Additional Learning Support leader in 2016 for John Paul College. The overall schools Additional Learning support leader moved cities at the end of 2016. Maree Stewart and Paulene Walsh will co ordinate this role in 2017. They will provide opportunities for the special education needs co ordinators and Additional Learning Needs students to have professional development.

Teacher Aides supporting individual and small groups are:

Sharon Handley
Julia Skudder
Louise Bennett
Louise Bennett

Lynne Prestley
Denise Johnstone


These women also support Heads of Faculty and teachers when required. Mrs Julia Skudder also assists with the imputing of student data, and releases administration staff when necessary.

Teacher Aides operating special programmes are:

Julie Stevenson

Julie Stevenson

Julie coordinates an Accelerated Reader programme. This reading programme is offered to all year 7-8 students to increase their reading mileage. Julie also supports the English programme in year 7-8 targeting comprehension skills.


Natalie Eramus

Operates a computer programme called the ‘Steps programme.’ This programme has an in-built “intelligent tutor” which adapts the course content to meet the needs of each student. The Steps programme targets literacy and numeracy, and operates as an in-school and after-school programme. Natalie also offers guided and structured writing tuition during school and after school hours.


John Hepi


Students who need academic counselling are identified by the Heads of Faculty and Deans of year 11,12, and 13. Mrs Walsh and Mr Hepi assist students who need guidance in the senior school to navigate their way through NCEA Level 1, 2 and 3.


Alison Ramson

Mrs Alison Ramson is the Resource Teacher of Learning and Behaviour (RTLB). Alison supports the John Paul College staff with the learning and behaviour needs of our students. Additionally, she helps implement on going training and professional development. As part of the Community of Learning we also have another RTLB working with us. Her name is Erika Locke. Erika helps provide support to all the schools in our Col. She will work with Paulene Walsh and Marie Stewart this year in providing professional development in the area of Additional Learning Needs. Erika was a member of the Board of Trustees for many years she has a good insight into how a Catholic School operates. We also are very fortunate to have Amiria Papuni join us as our Ministry of Education representative MOE for our Col. She also will provide support and professional development to our Community of Learning.

All members of the Learning Support Centre may be contacted by emailing:

first name.last